Disco Frisco – live vintage 70s disco funk

Photography: Lona Logan @ Inertia Photography

Created in late 2014 as a sister band to Blue Mtns ska outfit Papa Gonzo, DISCO FRISCO was put together to play the hell out of 70s disco music. After a solid six months of rehearsing and honing those funky grooves, the band played their first live performance at Katoomba’s Winter Magic festival in June 2015. It soon landed a monthly residence at the Old City Bank in Katoomba, which stopped in 2018 when the venue decided to focus on singer/songwriters. This 7-piece groove machine and their growing ever-dancing audience would not fit the bill anymore… DISCO FRISCO now focuses on specific events (their own Soul Train disco night, or charity events), functions and weddings. If you would like to book us, please send us a message here!

Danae Amies: lead vocals
Julien Joel Clement: electric guitar, vocals
Javier Rodriguez: drums
Mim Robinson David: keyboards, vocals
Dave Harvey: tenor & baritone saxophone, vocals
Volker Schoeler: trumpet, vocals
Lino Romeo, Dave Valeisa, Chris Soulos: electric bass

Photography: Lona Logan @ Inertia Photography
Disco Frisco performing their original song “No Shame” at RBM 89.1FM Studios, May 2018